Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Unlocking the Samsung S5 SCL23 AU

Installed a custom rom on your Japanese Samsung S5 and now it doesn't recognise your sim card?

Here's how I fixed mine..

1:  Remove the SIM card and do a factory reset

2: Use ODIN (version 3.09 is good) to install:


(google will find it somewhere, the md5sum is cd0918f8b68361a490c26c39e8bb1ede)

As usual this involves running Odin as administrator, putting your Samsung phone into download mode (POWER + HOME + VOL-DOWN to reboot into Download mode and then VOL-UP to confirm) and then selecting the SCL23KDU1BNE4_SCL23KDI1BNE4_SCL23KDU1BNE4_HOME.tar.md5 file using the AP button in Odin and then pressing "Start".
Untick "Auto Reboot" in Odin.

Follow the log till it reports success.
Then boot into recovery. "POWER + HOME + VOL-UP".
It should automatically reboot into the system.
Choose english from the dropdown (or not)
Skip all the registrations for Samsung,Google,Dropbox etc, till you finally get to the homescreen.

3: Unlock the phone.

Open the phone and enter "*#9090#" to get to the Service Mode.
Use the menu to select "Key Input" and enter "Q0" and wait about 5 seconds for a new
menu to come up with the options:


  1. Click on option 2 "UE SETTINGS @ INFO"
  2. Click on option 1 "SETTING"
  3. Click on option 1 "PROTOCOL"
  4. Click on option 4 "GCF"
  5. Click on option 1 "GSM/..."
  6. Use the menu to select "Back"
  7. Use the menu to select "Back"
  8. Click on option 1 "AS"
  9. Click on option 1 "FREQUENCY LOCK"
  10. Click on option 7 "RESET"
  11. Click on option 1 "* AUTOMATIC"
  12. Take the battery out and insert the SIM card and reboot.

The sim card should now be unlocked.
Do not allow any updates to this Android to be installed as this will lock it again.
Instead install your rom of choice immediately using Odin and do a factory reset.

After that you can install TWRP recovery.
If you try to install the recovery without changing roms then the recovery installation
will fail.
So you initially have to install something else using Odin.
Probably the best option at the moment is SphinXv2a_For_GalaxyS5au_SCL23_Choimobile.vn.tar.md5  a rooted android 5.0 rom with NFC support working.
See: https://chiase24h.vn/threads/rom-tieng-viet-lolipop-fix-full-loi-cho-s5-au-scl23-cua-sphinx.3965/

Good luck!